Executive Committee

Executive Committee



SECTION 1.   The governing body of the Chapter shall be the Executive Committee,

consisting of:

  1. The Officers of the Chapter.

  1. The four elected Chapter Directors.

  1. The Chapter Delegate.

  1. The Chapter Alternate Delegate, if appointed.

  1. The current Chair of the MO-KAN Street Superintendents Association, who shall be a director at large and a member of the Chapter. 

SECTION 2.   No person shall be nominated, elected, or allowed to serve on the Executive Committee unless he or she holds current membership in APWA.

SECTION 3.   In the event of a vacancy on the Executive Committee the remaining members of the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint a Chapter member to fill the unexpired term of office.

SECTION 4.   The Executive Committee shall manage all the affairs of the Chapter in accordance with the rules and regulations of APWA and the “Rules Governing Chapters of the American Public Works Association.”

SECTION 5.   The Executive Committee shall have the power to contract with an individual or firm to provide administrative or other services and whose duties and compensation shall be as specified by the Executive Committee in an approved and executed contract that shall have been previously approved by APWA.

SECTION 6.   Provided a quorum as defined in Article X is present, an affirmative vote of a simple majority of the Executive Committee members present at any regular or duly called meeting shall be required to pass any motion consistent with this or any other provision of the Chapter By Laws unless otherwise provided in these By Laws.

SECTION 7.   Should a motion that has been previously debated at a meeting of the Executive Committee where no action was taken or a motion that has not been previously debated arise requiring immediate action, the President can put the motion to a vote by means of electronic balloting as addressed in the Rules Governing Chapters of the American Public Works Association.

SECTION 8.   The Secretary shall record, as a part of the minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting immediately following the voting, the means and results of the voting and the names of all Executive Committee members participating.

SECTION 9.   The Executive Committee shall maintain a Chapter Leadership Manual as guidance to the officers and committee chairs in managing the affairs of the Chapter. At least once each three years the President shall appoint a special committee to review the Manual and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for revisions.

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