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KCMetro Specifications

The Kansas City Metropolitan Chapter of the American Public Works Association maintains a comprehensive set of construction specifications and design criteria for public works construction projects in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Individual sections are updated on a periodic basis by committees of chapter members and industry representatives. The specifications were written to provide good quality infrastructure using locally available materials whenever possible, and at a cost made lower by the use of a common specification.

These documents are used in whole or part by a majority of the public agencies in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. You do not have to be a member of APWA to purchase or use the documents. Many private agencies utilize the Kansas City Metropolitan APWA specifications for private construction, and many copies have been sold to agencies outside the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Please note that it is the Policy of the KC Metro Chapter of APWA to protect the integrity of these documents and editable files (Word or CADD formats) are not released to either a Private or Public entity.

If you have an interest in serving on a specification committee or have other questions regarding the specifications or design criteria, please contact Dena Mezger, P.E. at Dena.Mezger@CityOfLS.net

Specification Sections - Revised and Adopted as of Feb. 15, 2017

(Available for downloading as Adobe Acrobat files, in many cases they are large files that will take some time to download (consider right-clicking, then select "Save Target as..." and save the file to your computer for subsequent viewing. Please be patient. Especially where the file size is larger than several megabytes nothing may appear in your browser for several minutes. Also consider downloading and installing the latest version of Adobe Acrobat - later versions allow you to view the file as it is being downloaded.)

The following scrivener's errors were corrected and minor updates made on May 31, 2017:

Sec 2100

Pg 14,  2102.4.O – insert “and” between words “Piping” and “Structures”

Pg. 22, Fig 2, Note B – change “90%” to “95%” to match text in Sec. 2104.

Section 2900

Pg 5, 2902.2.B.2 – DR 18  for pressure class 235 and DR 14 for pressure class 305 (per C900-16)

Section 1100 - General Conditions (2/2017 365 kb)
Section 2100- Grading and Site Preparation (2/2017 603 kb)
Section 2150 - Erosion and Sediment Control (2/2017 230 kb)
Section 2200 - Paving (2/2017 681 kb)
Section 2300 - Incidental Construction (2/2017 208 kb)
Section 2400 - Seeding and Sodding (2/2017 405 kb)
Section 2500 - Sanitary Sewers (2/2017 166 kb)
Section 2600 - Storm Sewers (2/2017 143 kb) 
Section 2700 - Structures (2/2017 26 kb)
Section 2800 - Street Lights (2/2017 148 kb)
Section 2900 - Waterlines (2/2017 163 kb)

Template - APWA Specification Template (2/2017 52 kb)

Library - Local Agency Documents 

Design Guidance Documents

Section 5100 - Site Work and Erosion and Sediment Control (9/2010 388 kb)
Section 5200 - Streets (4/1996 1.93 mb) Metric (1.93 mb)
Section 5250 - Asphalt Cement Price Index (7/2009 76 kb)
Section 5300 - Incidental Construction and Local Bicycle Facility Design Guidance (12/2002 1.85 mb)
Section 5500 - Sanitary Sewers and Appurtenances (4/1996 1.17 mb)
Section 5600 - Storm Drainage Systems & Facilities (2/16/2011 5.0 mb)
Storm Drainage BMP Manual - Reference Best Management Practices (12/2012 13.3 mb)

BMP Manual Addendum (Posted 8/2017)

August 2009 Storm Drainage BMP Manual - (8/2009 29MB)
Please send any comments or suggestions about the BMP Manual to Chad Johnson, Chair, Water Resources Committee
Section 5700 - Structures (12/1986 1.75 mb)
Section 5800 - Street Lighting (12/1982 198 kb)
Section 5900 - Utility Coordination for Capital Improvements Projects (3/2010 85kb)
2012 MARC Local Bikeway Best Practices 5/2012 (1 mb)

Standard Drawings
Erosion and Sediment Control Details (2/2017 2544 kb)  - Revised and adopted as of Feb. 15, 2017
Standard Drawings (3.56 mb)
Bicycle Facility Standard Drawings (247 kb)

Proposed Revisions

Please provide comments on the forms provided below and email them to Dena.Mezger@CityOfLS.net. A complete description of the protocol for document revision can be found here: Document Revision Protocol 

Major revisions are to be done by committee. However, minor revisions can be made by individuals. The request should be forwarded to Dena.Mezger@CityOfLS.net for consideration. Anonymous requests will not be considered and only Chapter members can make requests. Revisions requested by individuals will undergo the same review and approval protocol as described above.


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