It's time for the 2018 APWA National Awards

Please look at the 2018 APWA Awards Announcement attached below.

  1. Completed nomination forms are due by Friday, January 26, 2018. This is NOMINATION FORMS ONLY. 
  2. Completed application packages are due by Monday, February 5, 2018.  Each application package shall be one PDF file and limited to 5MB.
  3. Snow and Ice nominations must be submitted by Jan 12, 2018 and the package received by the awards committee chair by January 19, 2018 for a February 5, 2018 national deadline (per the APWA Awards website).

Please contact Becky and Zach with questions at

A summary of the changes to the Awards Criteria for 2018 is available at:


A managing agency may submit no more than 1 project per category and division.  The KC Metro Chapter Awards Committee shall evaluate the applications in February and shall select one project per category and division to win a chapter level award. Chapter level award winners will be submitted to APWA National prior to the March 1, 2018 national deadline. These projects will be the official projects sponsored by the KC Metro Chapter.


Chapter level non-winners may still submit their project to APWA National prior to the March 1, 2018 deadline for consideration of a national level award, but the project will not be sponsored by the KC Metro Chapter. 

    Total Member : 9
  • Ms. Melissa Prenger
  • Mr. Tony Meyers
  • Mrs. Becky L. Bonebrake
  • Ms. Heidi Thummel
  • Mr. Reid Catt, LEED AP, PE, PTOE
  • Mr. Mark A. Hartegan, PE
  • Ms. Kati Horner Gonzalez, PE
  • Mr. Zachary M. Matteo, PE
  • Mr. JD Reitinger
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManSolidWaste.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManSolidWaste.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_TechInnovationInnovationAward.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_TechInnovationInnovationAward.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManTransportation.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManTransportation.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_CommendationExempService.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_CommendationExempService.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_HarrySwearingenExcelChpterServ (1).pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_HarrySwearingenExcelChpterServ (1).pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManFacilitiesGrounds.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManFacilitiesGrounds.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_TechInnovationInnovationAward (1).pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_TechInnovationInnovationAward (1).pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ExcellenceSnowIceAward.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ExcellenceSnowIceAward.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ExceptionalPerfAward.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ExceptionalPerfAward.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManPublicROW.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManPublicROW.pdf
2018APWANationalAwardsAnnouncement.pdf 2018APWANationalAwardsAnnouncement.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_CommunityInvolment.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_CommunityInvolment.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_DCSExcelEducation.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_DCSExcelEducation.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManWaterResources.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManWaterResources.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_IntlServiceAward.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_IntlServiceAward.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_MangmntInnovationAward.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_MangmntInnovationAward.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_HarrySwearingenExcelChpterServ.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_HarrySwearingenExcelChpterServ.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManPWEmergMang.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManPWEmergMang.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManPublicFleet.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManPublicFleet.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManEngineerTech.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManEngineerTech.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManAdminManag.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_ProfManAdminManag.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_TopTenPWLeadersAward.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_TopTenPWLeadersAward.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_PWProjectYear.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_PWProjectYear.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_PWProjectYearSmallCities.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_PWProjectYearSmallCities.pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_MyronCalkinsYoungLeaderAward (1).pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_MyronCalkinsYoungLeaderAward (1).pdf
18PWX AwardsPrg_PresidAwardChpterExcel.pdf 18PWX AwardsPrg_PresidAwardChpterExcel.pdf

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