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Garrett Hummel and Nicholas Thomas of Wilson & Company will be presenting along with Steve Rockers and Nathan Jefferies of KDOT on the 75th St. & I-35 Street project. The presentation will begin at noon and last for about an hour. 

Project Description:

Wilson & Company was contracted by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to design the addition of a 4th lane to I-35 through the 75th Street Interchange in Johnson County, Kansas. The project consisted of widening southbound (SB) I-35, widening and reconstructing northbound (NB) I-35 including lowering the profile of NB I-35 to achieve 16’-4” vertical clearance on the outside superelevated shoulder under the 75th Street bridge to allow commuter buses to utilize the shoulder during rush hour. The addition of the 4th lane required the realignment of all three of the 75th Street ramps requiring three retaining walls, two MSE retaining walls totaling 1,314 linear feet and one 496 linear foot cast-in-place retaining wall. The project featured a well-developed MOT approach that maintained 3-lanes of traffic in both directions during construction.

Speaker Bios:

Steve Rockers, KDOT: Steve Rockers, PE, served as KDOT’s Project Manager for the I-35 & 75th St. Interchange Project. He is a Senior Road Design Leader for KDOT out of their Headquarters office. He has 29 years of experience delivering projects across the state of Kansas.

Nathan Jefferies, KDOT: Nathan Jeffries, PE, served as the KDOT Construction Engineer for the I-35 & 75th St. Interchange Project. He is now the Field Engineering Administrator for the KDOT District 1 Johnson County office and has 16 years of experience in construction project contract administration for KDOT.

Garrett Hummel, Wilson & Company: Garrett Hummel, PE, currently leads Wilson & Company’s Kansas City transportation team.  Since joining Wilson & Company in 2013, Garrett has designed expressways and interstates utilizing both traditional and alternative delivery methods, as well as roundabouts, urban and rural highways, and city streets throughout the Midwest region.

Nicholas Thomas, Wilson & Company: Nicholas Thomas, PE, DBIA, served as Project Engineer for the I-35 & 75th Street project.  He is a Project Manager and Vice President of Wilson & Company, leading the Transportation Midwest Operations.  He has focused on delivering major interstate design projects and alternative delivery projects in the Kansas City area and western states over his 20 year career.

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